Sell Solid Tantalum Capactors-SCE

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General Featrues:
- Designed for very low ESR
- Molded Case available in four case codes
- Extended Range Values
- Compatible with automatic pick and place equipment
- Meets or Exceeds EIA standard 535BAAC
- Suitable for high Ripple currents
- Terminations: 100 % Sn , RoHS compliant

- General electronic equipment
- Smoothing Circuit of DC-DC Converters & Output side of AC-DC Converters
- De-Coupling Circuit of High Speed ICs & MPUs
- Various Other High Frequency Circuit Applications

Capacitance:Range 1.0㎌ to 470㎌ Tolerance 120%(M) , 110%(K)
Leakage Current:between 0.01CV and 0.5㎂ , whichever is larger
Rated Voltage(VR) :Operating Voltage(V) . . .
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