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Pneumatic shaped solid tire
colour:black white
size :21*8-9
patt :S-301
Rim :6.00
OD :535mm
Widh :189mm

Solid tire, as s a kind of industrial tires is made of a special kind of rubber materials. Solid tire has little hollow to keep the center of gravity, the rest is solid completely. It is an industrial vehicle tire adapted to low-speed and high-load operation under harsh conditions, which has an outstanding advantage over inflatable tires in terms of security, durability and economy. Solid tire is widely applied in all kinds of industrial vehicles, military vehicles, construction vehicles and articulated vehicles in ports and airports.
International market demand for vehicle solid tires is on the upward trend and has an annual growth rate of about 10%. It is expected that the global market demand for vehicle tires will reach 25 million units. In general, Europe and Southeast Asia are the main production regions of solid tires. In particular, Viet Nam and Sri Lanka in Southeast Asia with big output of rubber have made big progress in the production of solid tires.
Brand Name
Solid tire
Supply Capacity
500Units Per Month
Available Colors
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FOB New York
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 90 days