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Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder is a complete Natural extract finely derived from brown seaweed which contains 70 mineral 17 amino acid,4 plant hormones, chelating agents and complex sugars.100% soluble powder which reduces transport costs and can be used through different application methods and suitable for both growers and formulation manufactures. Seaweed extract powder is both nontoxic and environmental friendly.
Four natually occuring plant growth requlators, auxins , gibberellins, cytokinins betaines.
alginic acid the major content of soluble seaweed extract powder, stimulates activities of soil micro organisms, improves the water holding capability of soil, protects chemical fertilizers from leaching or locking up and helps the formation of crumb structure.
Mannitol existing in soluble seaweed extract powder is a powerful chelating agent which helps cations entry into plants and be absorbed by plants more easily it is beneficial for plants to utilize chemical fertilizers more efficiently.
Contains some critical trace elements with high concentrate, which can be readily available to plants because of their natural balanced and chelated form.
ASoluble seaweed extract powder is both nontoxic and environmental friendly which will increase marketable value for agricultural and horticultural productrs.
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