Sell Sony NW-S205F Mp3 player(blue)

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Product Capacity: 2GB
Battery type:Lithium
screen:OLED monochrome display anti-marked cold light show
REC recording functions: support REC recording appearance: sports type, cool music bar design.
Dimensions: Cylindrical, long 8.6CM, diameter 1.5CM

Function brief introduction
A:anti-luminescent OLED screen display , cold light, clear and sharp characters.
B:portable USB mass storage device you can easily and quickly in WINDOWS Explorer upload / C:download files, without the need for other procedures (WIN 98 and above) .
D:decoding many players support MP3, WMA, WAV music files and so on, beautiful music sound quality, perfect music enjoyment.
E:digital recording through built-in microphone recording.
F:Supported language versions can support multi-lingual operation, display song information, synchronous lyrics display LRC format.
G:a variety of audio mode you can switch between a variety of sound patterns, such as: natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, heavy bass.
H:multiple player mode to play mode in a variety of players to switch state, such as: normal mode, single cycle, directory of players, all cycle, random play, browse player.
I:can be used for in-line mobile flash disk, MP3 songs or any data storage.

Accessories: charger, USB data cable , headset, Product specification, new packaging

Fashion a unique type of music compact sports bar design, metal shell, with unique music rod protection jacket can be caught in the clothes, collars, belts, etc. can be caught any of the places. Exquisite workmanship beautiful, high-end fashion, gifts are Jiapin (this merchandise are at Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, birthdays and other special observances, to the friends, colleagues, relatives, friends, lovers, the younger generation, such as the best value gift) .
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