Sell Sony PSP Exteranl Battery

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1. Chemistry: lithium-ion cell.
2. Carry Style: Wear onto you Beit/Putinto your kitba/Hang around your neck.
3. Fuel Guage Led: 1 LED indicator( Red: power is low. Green: Power is enough)
4. Standard Accessories: 1 USB cahrger cable, 1 output cable, 1 convertor tip and user manual.
AC adaptor: Use orignal PSP adaptor through this convertor tip Charge through USB port.
Charging Model: CC/CV
Charging Indictor: The LED on the battery pack is in red while caharging and in green when charge is finished.


1. Output capacity: 11.5WH(3200mAH)
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Output Current: 1000mA Max.
2. Charging time: 6.5 hours.
3. Cycle life: At least 500 times.
4. Operation Temperature: -10-40
5. Dimension: 100x62x15mm.
6. Weight: 130g.

Part Number: 2203