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The Sony MFM-HT75W 17" HDTV Ready LCD TV and PC Display brings the most advanced video technology to your finger-tips. You get both high-quality picture in 16:9 aspect as well as sophisticated SRS WOW 3D audio from this compact and stylish display system. Bring one MFM-HT75W home today to enjoy its multifunction capabilities. Use it the way you like it - enjoy HDTV programming, progressive scan DVD movies or browse through the Internet when you connect it to either your Windows or Macintosh computer.

Sony MFM-HT75W features high-brightness XBRITE LCD technology, high contrast and a fast video response time. Its ErgoBright feature optimizes brightness for any lighing condition. This TV/PC display is perfectly suited for your multimdeia entertainment and gaming. The SRS WOW 3D audio system provides the effect of surround sound with built-in speakers. The speakers are located at the bottom of the LCD screen.

MFM-HT75W displays high-definition programming in great details. Since this is a HDTV monitor, it requires a separate tuner or decoder to receive HD programming. This monitor has several input terminals such as Component Video, and Composite A/V for your versatile connection needs. For convenience, you can even enjoy the sound with headphones (optional) .

Key Features

 PC and TV Display
The Sony MFM-HT75W is a multifunction display that is suitable for use both as a TV with HD connectivity or as a display for personal computer. You can connect a PC with both standard and digital connections.

 HD 1280 x 768 Pixel Resolution
The Sony MFM-HT75W has a high-pixel count that provides fine detail for outstanding HDTV as well for video images from a PC (or Macintosh) computer. This TV requires a HDTV monitor and displays HDTV program images in 576i, 576p, 720p and in 1080i. When you use it as a computer display, set the resolution to 1280 x 768 on your computer. For Macintosh computer, you may need an adapter.

 17" LCD a-Si TFT Active Matrix Panel with XBRITE Technology
This LCD panel technology reduces glare for high-quality viewing. The panel also provides high brightness and fast video response time of 12ms. The fast response time minimizes motion blur.

 ErgoBright Technology
This display has automatic brightness adjustment feature to suit ambient light condition. You can also adjust the screen brightness for different types of input such as Games, Movie or PC input.

 Easy Connection for HD Tuner
Connect the MFM-HT75W's component video input directly with the output of your HD Tuner. You also need to connect the audio to the display's RCA audio input.

 Wide Viewing Angle
This LCD TV features an extremely wide viewing angle of 1700 horizontal, 1700 vertical. You'll always get great image quality, whether you're sitting in front of the TV or off to the side.

 Built-in Speaker System
The speakers provide excellent stereo sound of 11 watts (total) . The SRS WOW 3D audio system provides the amazing panoramic sound with the help of built-in speakers only.

 Parental Control
This LCD TV provides controls for parents to exercise channel-specific viewing preferences for their kids.

 Picture in Picture
Enjoy two input sources (such as TV and PC) simultaneously with PIP feature. The main picture is displayed in full size. The other picture is displayed in a smaller size at the corner.

 Picture Modes
You can activate one of the four picture settings such as Vivid, Standard, ECO and Auto. If necessary, adjust the Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Color, Hue, Sharpness, Color Temperature and Gamma for each of these picture modes.

 Zoom Modes
Activate the zoom mode to any of the available screen modes, such as Normal, Full, Wide Zoom and Zoom.
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1k units only
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13x17x9 inches
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2/3 days
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32 per pallet
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FOB Edison, NJ
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3 years
13.9 lbs