Sell Sony Trinitron CPD-100ES MultiScan Color Monitor - 15 Inch Display

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The Sony CPD-100ES provides the budget-conscious computer user a better option over monitors based on shadow mask CRT technology. This entry level 15' computer display (14' viewable) provides features normally found on high-end Sony Computer displays, including the crispness of Sony's legendary Trinitron CRT technology, a 0.25mm aperture grille pitch, and precise, convenient on-screen digital controls. Easy-to-use on-screen controls for brightness/contrast, horizontal and vertical size and centring, pincushion, raster rotation and colour temperature reflect Sony's passion for outstanding image quality. The CPD-100ES also features a short neck CRT and new cosmetic design, complete with detachable tilt-swivel base for more placement options on the desktop.

Technical Details:

* 15' Trinitron CRT (14.0' viewable image size)
* Super Fine Pitch, 0.25 mm Aperture Grill
* Vertically flat short-neck CRT design
* Compact, redesigned cabinet features reduced depth with detachable tilt-swivel base
* Digital Multiscan Technology supports multiple PC and Mac resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 at 60 Hz
* On-screen digital controls
* Built-in self-diagnosis function
* Designed for Windows 95 and Windows NT
* Macintosh compatible
* International Energy Star compliant
* MPR II approved
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