Sell Sony Vaio Laptops VGN - X505ZP

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Product specifications

Processor | intel pentium m

Screen size(inches/diagonal) | 10.4

Wireless capability | capable - optional card required

Who manufactures this notebook pc? | sony
What is the speed of the notebook's processor? | 1100mhz(1.1ghz)

How much ram is included with this notebook? | 512mb

Can the notebook's ram be upgraded? | not applicable

Does the notebook have a level 2 cache? | 1mb

What type of screen does this notebook have? | active- matrix

What is the top resolution of notebook screen? | 1024x768

What is the optimal recommended resolution? | 1024x768

Can an(optional) external monitor be added? | yes

Does this notebook come with a hard drive? | 20gb

How much video memory does notebook have? | up to 64mb(shared with main memory
What sort of video processor does notebook have? | proprietary
Is this notebook capable of 2d/3d graphics? | 2d and 3d

Is there video capture capability(video input) ? | yes(built-in)

Are there video input and output ports built-in? | video out only

Does this notebook have sound capabilities? | yes
Audio output ports? | yes - headphone/speaker

Can this notebook be connected to a network? | yes - 10baset/100basetx ethernet
If networkable - what port is included? | rj45
Can notebook connect to highspeed internet? | includes rj45 port for optional connection
Expansion slot for peripheral devices? | pcmcia/pc-card
Can a printer be connected to this notebook? | yes - through usb port
Does notebook have a usb port? | 2
Does notebook have a firewire/ieee1394 port? | 1
Does notebook have a mouse-like device? | integrated touchpad
Can an external keyboard or mouse be added? | yes through usb port
Included notebook operating system? | windows xp professional
Does notebook include rechargeable battery? | yes
What type of rechargeable battery? | li-ion - lithium ion
Is an ac adapter(charger) included with it? | yes
Manufacturer's warranty for notebook(parts) ? | 1 year
Manufacturer's warranty for notebook(labor) ? | 1 year
Brand Name
Sony Vaio
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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
2 days
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