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Properties: Sorbitol, which has a sweat taste, is a colorless and odorless crystal. Its specific gravity is 1. 489(20/4) , hydrate melting point 93-97. 7, melting point 110 when it is in anhydrous form. It is soluble in water and slightly soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetic acid, phenol and acetamide. It can be widely founding nature and quickly absorbed by human body when it is oral.

Usage: Sorbitol is widely applied to foodstuff industry. It can be used as raw material of synthetic vitamin c in medicine. And used as plasticizer of resin, surfactant, substitute of glycerin in producing toothpaste and tobacco for moisture control agent, as ethylene glycol and glycerin antifreeze mixed agent, and as sugared substitute material.

Package: Plastic or steel drum of 250Kgs net weight.
Storage and transport: Keep it in shady, cool and ventilation warehouse, Prevent package form damage during transporting
Remark: This product is Innocuous and does not belong to Dangerous Goods.
Supply Capacity
10000 metric tons annually
Minimum Order Quantity