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Product Identification :

CAS No. :50-70-4

HS CODE :29054400

Molecular Weight :182.17 3

Chemical Formula :C6H14O6

Characteristics :colorless crystal or white crystalline powder or granular

Main Usages :Sorbitol powder is widely used in fields of medicine, light industry, food and chemistry.

It is mainly used for the materials of Vc in medicine and materials of surfactant in light industry.

It also can be used in toothpaste, cigarette and cosmetics as the substitute of glycerin.

In the food industry, sorbitol is used as edulcorator, especially suitable or the food of diabetics; it also can lengthen the storage term of some food. In chemical industry, sorbitol rosin ester is used as the materials of common construction coating.

Standard Specifications :BP98, USP24

Items Specification

Annual Production :8000MT/Year

Packing :25kg/paper bag with pe inner

Storage :Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.
Brand Name
Asian Winner
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