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Product name: Sorbitol 70% Solution, Sorbitol Crystalline Powder

Chemical name: d-sorbitol, d-glucitol, d-sorbite, hexahydric alcohol

CAS No: 50-70-4

Chemical Formular: C6H14O6

Molecular weight : 182.17

Sorbitol is a kind of thick colorless and transparent liquid with a little sweet taste.
According to the uses, there are medicine grade, food grade and daily chemicals grade sorbit;
According to the content, there are 50% liquid sorbitol,70% liquid sorbitol and solid sorbitol.

Sorbitol is widely applied to foodstuff industry.
It can be used as raw material of synthetic vitamin c in medicine.
Used as plasticizer of resin, surfactant, substitute of glycerin in producing toothpaste and tobacco for moisture control agent.
As ethylene glycol and glycerin antifreeze mixed agent.
As diabetics sugared substitute material. It can also be used in Pharmacy areas.

Package: 200kg/drum