Sell Sound-imitating Mosquito and Fly Trap

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It is designed according to the acoustics theory. It decodes the mosquitoes'sound when they are dining. Through the digital composing, the sound of the mosquitoes is composed to digital frequency and then is transmitted out. This kind of nearly ultrasonic sound can attract mosquitoes within 80 square meters. When the mosquitoes are near to the trap, they will be caught into the container
Functions and Characteristics
1. The quant-shaped wind wheel design can easily attract and trap the mosquitoes
2. Use the LED light instead of the traditional ultraviolet light, so the mosquito trap has a longer usage life
3. The mosquito trap can be used continuously 24 hours a day and the motor won't generate any extra heat.
4. It is innocuous, odorless, radiatless and noiseless. It doesn't use any chemicals. It's safe and environmental.
5. It doesn't need any assistant equipment. It only needs to connect the power, press the on and off button, then it can start work. It is easy to use
Houses, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, fieldwork and so on.