Cooperate Sourcing and Buying Agent from Chile

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NORRIS Ltd. , as a sourcing agent realized that there are significant gains to be obtained by both parties if they are able to share knowledge, experience and combine synergies. NORRIS Ltd. is a company familiarized with the Regional trade in USA, Asia, European Union and Andean Region. It has recognized that Regional merchandise sourcing is efficient when developing synergies between buying agents, Vendors and Clients. NORRIS Ltd. is using the experience of its managing directors in the international trade for more than 20 years because they have been working in Sourcing, Logistics and Merchandising for big retailers worlwide.
What can we do?
Product and market Development
Factory Certification
Price negotiation to get the best prices for our clients
Shipping Supervision
Final Quality Inspection to certify the quality of the product
Follow-up of the merchandise and documentation
Pre-production Inspection
In-Process Inspection
Final Audit Inspection
Inspection adn Approval of the Shipping Documents

To comply NORRIS Ltd. has one staff of technical people which is visiting daily to each manufacturing to be sure the quality of the product in accordance with our client requeriments and to shipping on-time.
When the product has been followed thru from all its stages of production NORRIS Ltd. performs the Final Audit Inspection to be sure the product has been manufactured and packed and also complies with the specifications and requirements from our clients.

Finally, a Quality Certificate is issued to be added to the shipping documentation and to negotiate the L/C. Also, we sent this information to our client as a Shipping Advise to inform them the product has been shipped and when the merchandise should be arriving to the destination port