Sell Sowing with Pneumatical Distribution MULTIGRAIN 5000

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The sowing machine with pneumatical distribution MULTIGRAIN 5000 is used for sowing cereals, technical and fodder plants. It is a sowing machine with a higher precision then those of clasical sowing, with central proportioner / dosage measurement of seeds and pneumatical transportation of seeds towards the shares, throughout an air flow. The adjustment of seeds flow per hectar is made by the liniar removal of alveolus rotor, through an adjustable screw.
The distribution of seeds is made by a centralized distribution pneumatical system. It is used on ploughed fields, ready for sowing operation, with a maximum slope of 6 degrees, working in aggregate with wheel tractors of 65 / 80 / 100 / 120 H. P which have a three-point linkage device, ISO II.