Sell Soybean From Brazil

Soybean From Brazil
Product - SOYBEAN # 2 NOM GMO From Brazil
Quantity - 9000.000 mt
Delivery Month:50.000/mt-100.000/mt
Target Price - US$ 220,00 FOB Brazil
Payment Terms: Irrevocable, Transferable, Endorsed, Fully Funded Standby Letter of Credit or B. G. (Bank Guarantee) for 100% value of contract confirmed guaranteed for payment First-Class World Bank acceptable to the sellers Bank
Buyer sends LOI+RWA (Not older than 4 Days) or BCL
Buyer's Draft+RWA are sent to seller or BCL
Seller issues Official Offer
Buyer accept and sign
POP and Draft Contract issue
Hard Contract copies are exchanged
Buyer issue non-operative L/C
Seller activate L/C with 2% PB
Shipments starts