Sell Soybean P. E.

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Soybean P. E.
Botanical source: extracted from Soybeans.
Appearance: Yellowish powder
Specification: Soybean isoflavone 40%
Pharmacological actions
1, Reduce cholesterin, prevent blood vessel disease.
2, Effect on repel cancer.
3, Relaxed the symptom of menopause.
4, Preventing csteoporosis.
Package: 25KG/Barrel

Botanical source
Paeonia suffruticosa (Tree Peony) , Dried root or peel used.
White or yellowish crystal
Pharmacological actions
1) Paeonolum can diminish inflammation.
2) it has unique natural mint smell, so as to remove peculiar mouth smell. And it also can reduce pain and toothache when brushing.
3) Dispelling wind and arresting pain. It can be used as pharmaceutical material of preparations for myalgia, rheumatic pain, neuralgia coetaneous pluribus and so on.