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Soybean peptide is one of polypeptides made up of 2-6 amino acids, of molecular weight under 1000 Dalton.
Compared with the original protein, soybean peptide has unique functional characteristics such as water solution, highly solubility, and foaming, and it could be completely dissolved in PH 2-10 under any condition. Soybean Peptide also could be mixed with other food ingredients thoroughly, moreover, it can keep the nutrition characteristics of original material.

Application area:
1. Meat Product
It is used as one ingredient in foods of intermediate moisture, especially in meat products, helping functions sunch as water binding and textural properties.
2. Infant Food
The product can be used as successful substitute for milk protein, and effectively reduces and removes the allergy of children, and promotes the growth of bone.
3. Sport Food
Soybean peptide of lower molecular weight is much easier to be digested than protein and amino acid. It can also expedite the fat metabolism process of transferring fat to energy so as to provide athletes with energy and to help compensate the net nitrogen loss after intense training or competition.
4. Fermented Food
Soybean peptide of very useful can help the probiotics such as Bifidobacterium to multiply. So it is widely spread used in ferment production of yogurt, lactobacillus, citric acid, glutamate, etc.
5. Health Food
Hypertension is a worldwide serious disease. Soybean peptide refers to one ACE ( angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitor, it can reduce the high blood pressure effectively.
6. As a product with the functions of immunoregulatoury and losing weight, it can be used to produce health foods and clinical nutrition dietary, and has wide market potential.

Soybean Peptide (dried basis) : more than 84%
Molecular weight (more than 80% of the product) : less than 1000 Dalton

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