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Name; Soybean extract
Botanical Name; Glycine max (Linn. ) Merr
Any of various leguminosae seeds of soybean, having compound leaves, three leaflets, purple or white flowers and two or four seeds in the legume. It is an annual herb which is originally native to southwest Asia and now it is widely planted in temperate zone. The fruit is harvested after it is ripe.
Used Part; Seed
Active Ingredient:Daidzein, Daidzin, Genistein, Genistin
Appearance: Off yellow or yellow powder Structure:
Function:Osteoporosis prevention, anti-cancer, cardiovascular disease prevention, menopause syndrome relief
Usage:Functional beverage, health assistant foodShelf Life:2 years when properly storedStorage: Stored in cool & dry place Kept away from strong light and heat