Sell Soybean

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Quantity: 1 200 000 MT
Price: US$ 206,00 / MT
Delivery: 12x 100 000 MT/Month
Payment term: Irrevocable, transferable, confirmed and conditional Fully Funded Revolving Documentary Letterof Credit (FFRDLC) in the amount corresponding to 100.000MT, issued or guaranteed by one of the top 25 world bank, 100% at sight, at the seller's bank. against presentation of shipping documents. A confirmed, irrevocable, transferable and conditional Bank Guarantee (BG) in the amount corresponding to at least 1(one) month shipment shall be required by the seller to ensure contract fulfillment. Such BG must be active for 1(one) year and 1 day, and would be used as payment for the last shipments in the contract.
Supply Capacity
100 000 per Month
Available Colors
Terms of Payment