Sell Soymilk Powder Production Line

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Main Equipments of Soymilk Powder Production Line:
1. Soybean Drying Machine
There are two kinds: Intermittent drying machine and continuous drying machine. Customers can choose according to the demands.
2. Deactivating and Softening Machine
Skin-peeled soybean is steamed and heated to deactivate fat oxidase and soften the soybean for easy crushing.
3. Sterilizing and Removing Smell Machine
Let soymilk flows into the smell removing pot to make steam carry away the unpleasant odor to achieve the odor removing purpose.
4. Soymilk Filling Device and Secondary Sterilizing Device
There are many kinds of soymilk filling types. Customers can choose according to the demands.
5. Vacuum Concentrating and Drying Equipment

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