Sell Soypean P. E. ( Isoflavone )

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Name of the plant: Glycine max (L. ) Merr.
Part of the plant used: seed
Description: It is renascent growing for one year. Height: 50 ~ 80cm; straight stem with long yellow trail at upper part; 3-leaf superposed, small oval leaf; white or purple flower; Seed: approximate round, yellow, green or black; Florescence: 8 months; Fruits mature: 10 months.

Traditional Usage: In traditional Chinese medical science, the product is for spleen health, antipyretic, dispelling ascites, sore, ulcer, cure malnutrition, dysentery, bloating in the abdomen, cyesis toxicosis, trauma bleeding.

Chemical definition: Isoflavone

Specification: Assay
(Specification 1, By HPLC) 10% 20% 30% 40%
Genistin:Daidzin=1.3:1 Genistein+Daidzein 2%
(Specification 2, By HPLC) 40%
Genistin:Daidzin=3:1 Genistein+Daidzein 2%