Sell Speaker for U-disc

Speaker for U-disc
Sound Reproducing System Data:

1. Output : RMS 4W (2W*2)

2. Left/Right sound frequency: 150-18000HZ

3. Noise Ratio : >= 80dB

4. Speaker: 1.5 inch , (OD:4 mm) , magnate-free, 4 Ohm.

5. Line-in connector: matching 3.5mm stereo sound jack.

6. Input Power: DC-6V 1000ma adaptor, or USB 5V computer power ( either one option)

*JH-M03U functions as both U-disk MP3 decoding and digital power amplification, with a built-in USB interface, capable of directly inserting the U-disc and MP3 for playing music. It is the optimal MP3 mate for the U-disc and MP3.

*The MP3 with the plug of USB can be directly inserted into the USB interface. Without audio connection cables, you can play MP3 music.

*JH-M03U can decode the MP3 format, but cann't read the WMA format.

*When the U-disk or MP3 is directly inserted, music will be played in the least volume. Now you can press VOL+ to turn up volume.
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