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We are a manufacturer/exporter from Malaysia that produced high-grade specialty Natural Gum Rubber (SR-138) from latex examination gloves. We are currently exporting to US, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, NZ. Please do not mistake this as tires reclaim rubber, which is of lower physical properties and black in color.

Our process method of de-polymerization is environmental friendly. This process drastically reduces the chance of damaging the physical properties of the natural rubber, which the conventional process cannot do. We are the only factories that produces recycle rubber that is opaque yellow, black, ex brown, which is very suitable for replacement against SMR L and color rubber products manufacturer.

SR-138 can substitute up to 80% against natural rubber (NR) in all rubber products manufacturing depending on properties requirement. Our premium grade is price 30% to 35% CHEAPER than SMR L without compromising the product quality. Our rubber possesses very good physical properties of 80% to 90% of virgin NR. Another good point is it requires no mastication thus saves energy and time during production. SR-138 is highly recommended to all rubber product manufacturers: - car / bath mat, rubber toys, retreading tire, rubber grommet, general moulded rubber products, shoe soles, castor wheel, etc
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