Sell Spectral treatment unit PK-3000A

Spectral treatment unit    PK-3000A
Firstly used in the treatment of cervical erosion both at home and abroad, the spectral treatment unit has been a practical and mature medical device. It takes advantage of the compounded effect and the difference in the absorption of light and heat both from visible light and infrared light it can kill the pathological cells selectively and promote the recovery and the wound.

This equipment with broad LCD and various pre-setting time for prescription is controlled by microcomputer, made in USA. Compared with traditional treatment methods, no smoke and no smell is produced in the operation. There are no scar would leave on the wound after operation, and the organic flexibility will recover soon. This equipment has a one-year guarantee, and maintenance is available for many years.

Technical parameter:
Spectral wavelength scope: 0.80.35m;
Irradiation time: 1s99s, setting at will;
Exposure intensity: 120, setting at will;
Outlet temperature: >=1400--2500;
Function: alarming tip, reset, time adjusting, intensity adjusting, prescription, lock, run/stop

Applicable scope:
Gynecology: Cervical erosion, cervical polyp, swollen gland, leukoplakia vulvae, venereal wart etc.
Skin department: herpes simplex, herpes zoster, eczema, neurodermitis, Hyde's disease, pelade, seborrheic alopecia, common acne, bottle nose, vitligo,
Surgery: intestinal adhesion; chronic burn; acute mastitis