Sell Spectrum Analyzer

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This spectrum analyzer can be used for inspection on the faults of cable systems and wireless systems and also can used for testing mobile phone, RF circuit, as well as electrical-magnetic compatible (EMC) testing.

Frequency Specifications:
Frequency range 9kHz3GHz
Resolution 1Hz
Span accuracy 9kHz3GHz
Frequency flatness +/-1.5db
Amplitude range +20dBm--- -105dBm
Inter mod distortion -70dBc(-30dB input)
Screen 640*480 colorful LCD
Supply voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Phase noise (offset) -90dBc/ Hz (based on 10 kHz offset)
Interface Printer, USB GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet interface
RF input N type female connector; N type female connector 50ohm
Standard frequency 100MHz standard frequency
Weight 9.4kg
Dimension 350(W) *195(H) *375(D) mm
Condition of Goods
350(W)*195(H)*375(D) mm
Model Number