Sell Speed Boat

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1. main dimension(L*B*H) :5.88x2.45x1.30m
2. passenger:8-10
3. power:90-150hp.
4. oil tank:120L
5. water tank:65L
6. speed:60 km/h
Standard coiiocation:
1. material:fiberglass
2. rise and down driving chair
3. frontseat sofa/soft lean
4 backseat sofa/soft lean
5. sun desk sofa
6. fiberglass storage
7. washing basin. pure water tank
8. Signal lamp.
9. stainless steel fenderbeam. balustrade
10. stainless steel hardware
11. fresh water pump and waste pump
12. storge battery
13. CD-player and speaker (water proof)
14. smoking ignite
15. shower
16. boat cover
17. hull film package
18. kickstand frame of the container
Selected collocation:
1.90-150HP outboard engine
2. trailer (may collocate brake)
1.20feet container loads 1 piece.