Sell Spiderock (hanger)

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Spiderock is:
When the surface of the glass or tile is plane, place cup on the surface and push until a vacuum is created.
Once the cup is securely attached, you can hang items from the hook.
It really does not come off ! Try test it now.
The product's distinctive qualities :
For the first time in the world, a new renovational suction attachment containing jelly type polyurethane.
Spiderock overcomes the the limit of other attachments.

We have obtained a patent (PCT) for Spiderock around the world.

- Powerful suction capability :
Maximum vertical load limit for hanger body itself is 40kg for large size and 20kg for small one.
(based on Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Insitute) .
Maximum vertical load limit for hanger hook itself is 16kg for large size and 8kg for small one.
- Ability to attach to multiple surfaces:
Even if the surface has a flection with 1mm wide, the attachment is possible and it is possible
between tile-to-tile surfaces.
- Durability: The polyurethane creates an airless vacuum seal to completely prevent any moisture
and oil based elements to maintain a secure attachment.
- If necesary, use a mild detergent to clean the product.
- the constitution of the products:
constituted by large and small sizes, it is very useful in many ways.
- Convenience
Portable and easily able to be removed and reattached.

Material: ABS, MBR, Polyurethane, Stainless steel
Dimensions: 70 mm (for small) , 88 mm (for large)
Durability of heat and cold: 70 ∼ -20 0C

(Recommended sufaces)
Non-permeable surfaces, particle board, walls painted with oil-based paint, various kinds of furniture coated
with film and metallic surfaces.
towel hanger, toilet tissue hanger, various kinds of shelving, tooth brush holder, shower tap hanger
kitchen utensil holder, etcs.