Sell Spine Date Seed PE (Jujuboside)

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Product Name: Spine Date Seed P. E.
Other Names: wild jujube seed extract, sour jujube seed extract, spiny jujube seed extract, jujuboside
Product Origin: extracted from spine date seed.
Active Ingredient: Jujuboside
CAS Number: 55466-04-1 (Jujuboside A) , 55466-05-2 (Jujuboside B)
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Assay: 2% UV

Action and Uses:
Irritability, dryness of eye, dizziness, insomnia and dreaminess due to deficiency of liver-yin, it is often used with rhizoma anemarrhenae, poria, rhizoma ligustici, chuanxiong, and radix glycyrrhizae to nourish the liver, calm heart and tranquilize the mind. For insomnia and amnesia due to deficiency of both qi and blood and insufficient nourishing of heart and mind, this herb can be used with radix ginseng. Radix angelicae sinensis, arllus longan, semen biotae, poria, etc. to nourishing the heart to calm the mind, as in ginseng spleen invigorating bolus.

Pharmacological actions: 1) Nourish the heart, Benefit the liver; 2) Tranquilize the mind; 3) Stop sweating