Sell Spiral Vibratory Finishing Machine

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Round Vibratory Finishing Machines specially designed for processing of all types of components, including deburring, radiussing, chamfering, grinding, descaling, pickling, degreasing, burnishing, & polishing. . . working bowl lined with Polyurethane to reduce the collide and prolong bowl working life.

LZG Vibratory Finishing Machines witht a built in spiral ramp bowl (LZGS series) or a helical geometry bowl (LZGC series allow a damage free processing of delicate components ) and separator screen inside, when the completion of processing, a flap is operated either manually or pneumatically, for automatic separation, media and components are delivered over the separation screen and the media returns through the screen to the bowl and components discharge to a collect bin or secondary operation. This series machines are suited for the processing of high production, small components, or flat, lightweight parts which easy stick together. They are also suitable for steel ball burnishing processes.

Model Capacity(L) Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Power(kw)
LZGC100 100 1170x1100x950 320 1.5
*LZGC100Z 100 1170x1100x950 320 2.2
LZGC150 150 1250x1200x1020 360 2.2
LZGC200 200 1310x1150x950 400 3.0
LZGC300 300 1480x1330x1050 650 3.7
*LZGC300Z 300 1480x1330x1050 650 5.0
LZGC600 600 2000x1800x1350 1400 5.5
*LZCS600Z 600 2000x1800x1350 1400 7.5

LZGS100 100 1300x1150x860 340 1.5
*LZGS100Z 100 1300x1150x860 340 2.2
LZGS300 300 1400x1350x1000 650 3.7
*LZGS300Z 300 1400x1350x1000 650 5.0
LZGS400 400 1480x1430x1100 780 5.0
LZGS600 600 2000x1800x1350 1400 5.5
*LZGS600Z 600 2000x1800x1350 1400 7.5

*: Suitable for steel ball burnishing
1. Variable frequency speed controller
2. removable separator flap
3. manual operated separation flap
4. pneumatic operated separation flap
5. sound-proof lid
6. compound meter system