Sell Spitfire 60

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Name:Spitfire 60
Wing span: 63in/1600mm
Wing area: 713sq in /46 sq dm
Flying weight:7.5lb/3400g
Fuselage length: 53in/1340mm
Engine Required: 2c 0.61-0.75 cu in
4c 0.91 cu in
Radio Required: 6 channels,7 servos

1. Though it is only a half-real model, if you look from certain angle, you will find it almost a real model.

2. The profile is very similar with real plane. The round tail reveals its unique British design.

3. The tail wheel is connected with the rudder, which ensures the controllability of landing.

4. The most impressed feature of Spitfire is that it has ellipse wings; the design is intended to reduce the air resistance.

5. Both the fuselage and wings have beautifully designed lines and curves.

6. The perfect lines, the slender fuselage, the unique British round tails and the retractable wheels make the model more like a real one.

7. The tail wing has big rudder, which makes it much easier to manipulate the Radio Control airplane.