Sell Splicing Tape MYL-2540B

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We supply customers polyimide tape, polyester tape, glass cloth tape etc. , all of which are coated by silicone adhesive. And also we provide polyimide film without adhesive. All of these tapes can be supplied with fluoride release liner.

We are certified by SGS, UL, ISO and could keep a stable and reliable quality. Our capacity is large enough to guarantee a quick delivery. Our faith is to provide satisfied solutions to all of our customers.

The fields we are serving:

PCB making & SMT, Transformers & Cables, Powder coating, Splicing, production of release paper (casting paper) and artificial leather, etc.

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Model No. :MYL-2540B
The thin caliper and tensile strength of the polyester backing, combined with the excellent sheer properties of the silicone adhesive, allow MYL-2540B to work well for the butt splicing of silicone treated papers in many applications.
Trademark: Uniontape
Model: MYL-2540B
Company: Shanghai Creative Laminates Co. , Ltd.
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