Sell Split Pressurized Solar Water Heater

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The split pressurized solar water heater is composed of heat collector, storage tank,
electric control device, working station and installation parts.

1) Uses structure of heat collector separated from storage tank
2) The heat collector can be put on balcony, roof or flat place or outdoor wall
surface. The storage tank can be put anywhere in room according to your need
3) Successfully carries out installation of separation according to fabricating
yard and is harmoniously blended with architecture
4) The water quality achieved the tap water standard, and it is environmentally
friendly and energy saving
5) The heat transfer rate is quick, without volatile tubes and without incrusting
6) The heat exchange uses the natural circulation form, which saves electricity
7) Digital display of water temperature
8) Anti-freeze: no water inside the tubes when it works

1) Pipes: 47 x 1,500mm; 58 x 1,800mm
2) Water tank capacity: 150-300L
3) The length of heat-gathered tube: 1.5/1.8/2.0/2.1m
4) The number of heat-gathered tube: 15/16/18/20/24/30
5) Pressure: 0.6MPa
6) Heat holding material: polyurethane
7) Water tank material (inside) : imported SUS304 2B type of stainless steel
8) Water tank material (outside) : stainless steel or aluminum alloy or color steel
9) Frame material: aluminum alloy or stainless steel

Brand Name
CE ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity
20 pcs
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L/C or T/T
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