Sell Split Solar Water Heater Collector with Heatpipe or U type

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Realize the seperation of the collector and tank.
Installed over the roof to guarantee the smooth water incoming and outcoming. It's available for the adjusted frame to be installed over the roof.

Supply the hot water instantly
Cylinder tank decrease the combination of the cold water and hot water, as can make the upper water heated firstly.

Tank is put in the room, as make the pipe short between the water cock and tank and got water instantly.

Got more hot water in winter in contrast to the normal solar water heater.
Split solar water heater with the inside tank has a advantage of a less heat loss.

The evacuated tube, which uses the U pipe technology and just has a little conducting materials, can operate with a little energy in contrast to the traditional solar water heater
The collector with the CPC technology promote the collecting technology and heat efficiency.

The system controller has the anti-freezing function, as is that the temperature circulation will operate while it reaches the fixed temperature.

In the coldest area, it is against the freezing.

Got the hot water instantly.
The electric heater is equipped in the tank, which guarantee the sufficient hot water in the consecutive cloudy days.

Automatic controller
The system can start and stop automatically.

The back-up power can start or stop according to the instruction of the time and temperature set.


Other security measures: such as the solar close hoop circulation system is equipped with eht swelling tank and pressure valve; the hot water tank is equipped with the temperature and security valve.
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500 sets Per Day