Sell Split Solar Water Heater With Flat-plate Collector

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1. The Characteristics of Solar Collector
1) The fin is red copper strip with vacuum sputtering coating, and it has an excellent heat efficiency and a long life span.
2) The fin and riser pipe adopts ultrasonic welding, it has less weld seam and higher bearing strength.
2) The absorber covered by 4mm flat tempered glass with high transmission and good heat-insulating.
3) The heat transfer medium adopts special heat-conducting fluid, which can work with low ambient temperature and ensure a quick heat transfer.
4) The insulation is polyurethane with excellent heat-insulating, gives more protection for collector performance.
5) The frame is aluminium alloy with good resistance and nice outside, and easy to mount.
6) The connection including header pipe, riser pipe and screw is all copper, with high-elastic gasket, and the aging and leaking can be avoided perfectly.
2. Parameters
2) Absorption area: <=2.5sqm/unit
3) Weight: 50KG/unit
4) Ambient temperature: -30 deg C~80 deg C
5) Peak power: 2.7 KWH/sqm
6) Working pressure: 0.6Mpa
7) Hail resistance: it can afford direct hit of f25mm hailstone
8) Absorption >=95%, emission <0.3%
10) Hot water: 100 L hot water (55 deg C~75 deg C) per day

2. Water tank
(1) Dimension: 100 L/150L/200L/300L
(2) Heat preservation: polyurethane foam
(3) Streamline appearance and practical design
(4) Operating pressure: 0.6Mpa, and excellent hot water output

3. Control System: User friendly full automatic control by computer, yet allow customer modification flexibility.

4. The inlet and outlet of water pipe are designed to prevent electricity leakage.

5. Automatic circulation, adopt advanced mini pump, steady, reliable, low noise and low wastage.

6. Advanced pressure protection system, steady pressure along with equipment protection.
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