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product attribute:
Major made by Centrifugal fan blade , coil (heat exchanger) , micro-computer control system. It is ending device of central air-conditioning system . which is widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibition halls, shopping malls and office buildings, such as multi-room Or the space industry and civil air-conditioned places to meet the cooling, dewetting, heating and so on.
Create a clean, quiet, Spring All the Year Round Working and living environment for people .

Main feature:
1, thin flat shape, elegant appearance, using new alloy wheel Centrifugal wind wheel, quiet operation. Low-noise. Safe and reliable. Long life, each coil have been through the pressure leak hunting. Inlet and outlet pipe (suction collecting head) adpot
Forged brass structure, reliable and durable, the service life up to 45,000 hours or more.
2, High efficient, full of energy, fan coil adpot seamless copper tube to string high-performance two-way crack aluminum fin expansion into one compact, highly efficient heat, rich heat and cold. Full funcion, easy to use. There are three gear speed (high miidle - low) , can time switch. control temperature automatically, digital display temperature in
room , understand fully at one glance , micro-control operation.
3. This fan-coil itself dont have refrigeration and heating, users need to match with the appropriate cold (hot) water unit to provide cold (hot) source.
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