Sell Sponge rubber sheet

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As a company specializing in manufacturing and exporting rubber sheet, our products classes is very abundant including Special rubber sheet series, General rubber sheet series, Cloth insertion rubber sheet, metal mesh rubber sheet series, Oil-proof rubber sheet, Acid & alkali bearing rubber sheet, Strip round dot & cloth marks rubber sheet series, Inflaming retarding, damping, hot & cold bearing rubber sheet series, water-proof rolling materials series, Poison-free, food grade rubber sheet series, Insulation, anti-static & conductive rubber sheet series.

High compressibility and low compression set over a wide temperature range.
Good acoustic and thermal insulation properties.
Suitable for long term continuous use from -60 to 400oF (-50 to 200oC) and for intermittent use from -100 to 500oF (-75 to 260oC)
UL recognition
Thickness 4mm
Length 500mm
width 500mm
Thermal insulation High and low temperature acoustic insulation
High and low temperature gaskets and seals
NOTE Size can be optional by customers