Sell Sport Sunglasses

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I wish to present CYBERSNAKE company offer related with sale SPORT collection of sunglasses in three categories: EXTREME, STREET and BIKE.

The CYBERSNAKE Company is the importer (from Poland) of this product, which was produced in Taiwan.

All available sunglasses models offered by the CYBERSNAKE company possess the certificate of compatibility with The European CE standard (Certificate of Conformity) EN 1836/1997.

All sunglasses frames are made with polycarbonate material what is causing their big mechanical durability (impact strength - mechanical property of polycarbonate material expressing oneself with resistance of the material for cracking at the bump) , resistance in 100% for radiating U. V. and very big comfort of wearing because there are floppy and light.

All sunglasses lens are made with very good quality materials as polycarbonate and acryl which characterized by very good durability and resistance to weather (so like of the scratch, cracking and etc. ) .

Polycarbonate lens made in Dow Chemical Company from Japan (name of this lens product is CALIBRA) , acrylic lens made in Atofina Company from Germany (name of this lens product is OROGLAS PMMA Polymethy1 Methacrylatc) .

Im asking politely for get acquainting with CYBERSNAKE company offer of sport sunglasses and for visiting our CYBERSNAKE web page.

Protective filters are preventing harmful U. V radiation in 100%.