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This Sports Protection Back Support/Lumbar Support is made of lightweight ventilated mesh elastic, fabric, reinforcement belt and steel bars. It offers relief from moderate back pain and aids posture. Two touch and close fastenings allows the patient to obtain the optimum fit. Elasticated double fulcrum straps for additional support and makes it the best protection product for the labor with high intensity on the waist.

Size Information:
Small Waist Size: 60-70cm
Medium Waist Size: 73-83cm
Large Waist Size: 85-100cm
X-Large Waist Size: 100-112cm

How to use:
1. Please use this product at the instruction of a doctor;
2. While lying, put the back support beneath your back, and adjust the fastenings to obtain the optimum fit;
3. While standing, try to stand as straight as possible, and then wear the Back Support on the waist, adjust the fastenings until you feel comfortable.

1. people with skin problem, malignant tumor, and bleeding tendency shall not wear this product;
2. Pregnant women shall not wear this product;
3. Users should adjust the fastenings to obtain the optimum fit in time;
4. Wash this product in water and the temperature should not be higher than 50 centigrade;
5. Back support should be cleaned and stored at a ventilating place when it is not used for a long time;
6. The wearing time should not exceed a consecutive of 6 hours per day.
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