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ShoreGrow TPF-1

ShoreGrow TPF-1 is a 100% natural, super absorbent soil conditioner, natural fertiliser and plant growth stimulant all in one!

When re-hydrated ShoreGrow TPF-1 swells up to 16 times its original size and acts as a water and nutrient reservoir. This action will mean the amount of water required for effective irrigation will be reduced and up to 80% of soil nitrates/nitrites will be retained. An additional benefit is reduced soil salinity, particularly useful on links courses. The salinity level reduction is a by-product of increased water retention; effectively the water retained in the root zone dilutes the saline content. This will help to reduce the damage caused by salt. Alginic acid released into the soil will effectively capture other nutrients in the soil.

As natural plant material ShoreGrow TPF-1 will break down in the soil and act as food for plant growth. This fertiliser is completely natural unlike many on todays market.

Like all plants the kelp used in the production of ShoreGrow TPF-1 relies on photosynthesis for its food source. ShoreGrow TPF-1 production methods ensure that the valuable magnesium content is not significantly reduced which can only help to produce a greener, fresher looking turf in the place where it counts, the greens.

The prolonged use of ShoreGrow TPF-1 as a top dressing will also reduce soil compaction by up to 5 times, allowing plant roots to gain better penetration as well as helping to prevent the run off of rainwater. This is particularly useful in those problem areas such as banks or hills and will eventually lead to longer use of normal greens during winter months.

As with all ShoreGrow products regular use of TPF-1 will help your playing surfaces to withstand frost and drought and will help to reduce stress on the turf.
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