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ShoreGrow TPF-2

The scientifically calculated flake sizes contained within a bag of ShoreGrow TPF-2 mean that all the benefits of TPF-1 are inherent, with the added bonus of a slow release fertiliser. ShoreGrow TPF-2 has been formulated as a sub soil additive not as a top dressing. This means that when new construction or regular maintenance is taking place the addition of ShoreGrow TPF-2 at the recommended rates will ensure that nutrients are being released into the soil from the outset. Trees, hedges and turf will all benefit from the head start they will receive from ShoreGrow TPF-2.

The Alginic acid contained naturally within the coarser grains of ShoreGrow TPF-2 is particularly effective in sandy areas as it will help to bind together the soil and will increase the soils aggregate stability. This is the ability of the soil particles to gum together. This ensures that the soil does not wash away as easily with heavy rainfall or watering. This action also assists in the retention in the soil of vital nutrition and trace elements.

In common with ShoreGrow TPF-1, ShoreGrow TPF-2 imparts drought resistant qualities when used correctly. One 20 kg bag of the product is capable of retaining 160kg of water that is released slowly to the plant roots and will help to reduce water usage.
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