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ShoreGrow Soil Conditioner TPF-3.

A carefully balanced mixture of calcified seaweed and kelp granules, a combination to bind, breakdown and improve many different soil types.

ShoreGrow TPF-3 is an excellent soil conditioner. It contains a very high concentration of alginates (+/- 45%) that will improve the soil structure. As seaweed does not require the rigid plant structure characteristics of land plants, their organic composition is quite different. Instead of cellulose as the main organic constituent seaweeds are mainly composed of alginic acid and simple sugars such as mannitol. These compounds break down much more readily than cellulose. Kelp is an excellent source of organic matter and the flake sizes contained within ShoreGrow TPF-3 will decompose over 6-12 months continually adding to the humus content of the soil.

Soil organic matter and associated soil bacteria and fungi play an important role in the soil fertility and plant nutrient uptake.

The application of ShoreGrow TPF-3 acts as a soil conditioner by stimulating beneficial microbial activity. The carbohydrates and acids released during decomposition of the kelp results in the aggregation of soil particles and the chelating of nutrients that might otherwise be leached from the soil. This increased soil fertility benefits soil organisms that in turn act as soil conditioners and a renewable source of nitrogen.
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