Sell Spray Booth (BTD 7500)

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Spray Booth of Specification:

1. Outside Size: (mm) 7130*5600* 3800mm ( L*W*H ) Main doors 3-fold, 3200* 2700mm ( W*H ) ; Inside Size: (mm) 7000*4000* 2800mm ( L*W*H ) Service door 1-fold, 800* 2000mm ( W*H )

2. Cabin System:
(1) Wallboard EPS (epispastics polystyrene) Colorful Steel Skin Boards, tongue and groove style, compound construction, Aluminum-alloy Frame, Anti-flame and Heat-Insulation, thickness: 70mm
(2) Basement: Full Grid, Adjustable Height, Galvanized Steel Sheet Construction, Three Embossed Steel Ramps

3. Air Circulation System:
(1) Inhaling Ventilator
<1>Turbo Inlet Fan
A. Blower Capacity: 28000m3 /h; B. Pressure: 800 Pa; C. Rolling Sped: 940rmp; D. Power: 7.5 kw; E. Quantity: 1 sets
(2) Exhaust Ventilator
<1>Turbo outlet Fan
A. Blower Capacity: 28000m3 /h; B. Pressure: 800Pa c. Rolling Sped: 900rmp; D. Power: 7.5kw; E. Quantity: 1 set (3) Air Volume: 28000m3 /h; (4) Air Speed: 0.28m /s

4. Air Purification System: Dual Filtering Structure, The Primary Filter can capture granules larger than 10 um. Ceiling Filter capture granules bigger than 5 um. The whole purification system has capacity of large volume of dust. Its filtering rate reaches 98%. Air pressure gauge, TSP <= 1.4mg/m3.

5. Heating System:
(1) Diesel Burner: Italy Riello Brand, RG5S Diesel Burner, 26000Kca/h; (2) Heat exchanger:Stainless Steel,186KW, Argon Arc Welding, the heat exchange rate 85% (3) Max Temp: 80 degree, Heating Time: 3-5 min(20 -60 degree ) , Fuelconsumption: 4 -5kg /vehicle

6. Light System:
(1) Ceiling Light: 8 unitsx4Pcs=32Pcs, 36W , total 1152W OSRAM Lamp;
(2) Bottom Light: 10pcs 2 X 36W , total 720W OSRAM Lamp, 1200Lux , IP54 Grade with tempered glass

7. Electric Controlling System: Micro Computer Program Controlling, spray & baking switch, light switch. Emergency stop, breakdown alarm

8. Environmental System Multi-layer fiberglass filter