Sell Spray drying

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It is used to dry all kinds of liquids until they converted in a dry product through only one operation.

There are several designs of plants depending on final requirements of the product. Among them there are drying systems in co-current, in which the product gets in the same direction of the heating air, presenting high evaporation rates and very short drying times. Therefore, they cover a wide selection of products, such as thermo-sensible products that are frequently found in the food processing industry.

Countercurrent flow plants in where the product to be dried gets in countersense to the drying air, allowing an excellent use of heat. These plants are widely used in products that are not sensible to heat and/or for granular products such as detergents.

The plants designed by VIBRASEC S. A. go from 2 liters per hour of evaporation to 10.000 liter per hour of evaporation and with different products like aromas and flavors, coffee, detergents, additives for food, chemical products, among others.