Sell Spring Balancer

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SB-1.5K: 0.5KG~1.5KG
SB-3K: 1.5KG~3.0KG
SB-5K: 3KG~5KG
SB-9K: 5KG~9KG
SB-15KG: 9KG~15KG
SB-600: 0.3KG~0.8KG
SB-1200: 0.6KG~1.5KG
SB-2000: 1.0KG~2.0KG
SB-3000: 1.5KG~3.0KG
SB-5000: 3.0KG~5.0KG
HSB-1: 0.3KG~1.2KG
HSB-2: 0.8~2.0KG
Main features :
1/ Increase Productivity
2/ Reduce Operator Fatigue
3/ Extend Tool Life
4/ Increase Safety
5/ Organize Workstation
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