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Our Spring Roll Rice paper (Spring Roll Wrapper) are made with stick sanitary with the following steps:
The main raw material used for rice paper producing is white rice. White rice powder is refined and added with suitable tapioca proportion powder to make rice paper glutinous and smooth. The quality rice with traditional method in manufacturing made transparent rice paper delicious.

Processing flow chart

Rice is soaked about 3hours before grinding --> grinding rice --> Straining powder (reject mixture refining powder) --> Soaking powder --> Squeezing powder (rejecting sour substances) --> Processing rice paper(powder is spreaded even by and steamed heat--> Drying in the sun (using bamboo frame) to get good taste and smell - Using wind to dry indoor and cutting shape --> Quality control- Packing.

Rice paper with diameter 22 cm (Packing: 40 Bags X 0.5 Kg = 1 Carton)
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