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Sprinkler Head Cabinets are constructed of a metal enclosure with a hinged cover designed to provide on-site storage of an emergency supply of sprinkler heads and a sprinkler head wrench. NFPA 13 requires a representative number of each type of sprinkler head used in a sprinkler system to be stored in a cabinet on-site to allow for immediate removal and replacement
of sprinklers which may have operated or become damaged. Central Sprinkler Head Cabinets are manufactured of heavy gauge steel with knock-outs to accommodate either 1/2" or 3/4" N. P. T. threaded sprinkler heads and are painted an attractive red enamel. They are available in three (3) , six (6) or twelve (12) head capacity.

Model: Sprinkler Head Cabinet
Style: 3, 6 or 12 head
Standard Finish: Red enamel
Mfgr. Source: Non-domestic
Capacity: 3 sprinkler heads
6 sprinkler heads
12 sprinkler heads

3 head - 5" high x 7.1/2" long x 2.1/2" deep

6 head - 5" high x14" long x 3.1/4" deep

12 head - 5" high x 14.3/4" long x 5" deep

Weight: 3 head - 1.5 lbs.
6 head - 2.3 lbs.
12 head - 4 lbs.
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