Sell Spunlace nonwoven

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Spunlance is three dimensional structure and quality is high. the products have characteristic of uniform web forming, soft hang, apertures clear, high strength etc. and they are Breathable, Non-additives, Lint free, Pile free, Good biocompatible. It can be used to diminish inflammation, restrain the reproducing of bacteria, improve the healing process of the wounds etc. Therefore it is the ideal material for the medical application.
Additionally, PET web laminated wood pulp paper nonwovens, with the best configuration of the machine and advanced laminating technology. The texture of the composite is tight, no flock, with high absorbency. They are the best cleaning articles of the IT and printing business. High quality surgical gowns are made of waterproof tissue composite not only be breathable but also prevent harmful liquid from doctor.
Product Specises:pure viscose spunlace nonwovens, pure PET spunlace nonwovens, tissue composite spunlace nonwovens.
Product specification:Basic weight range:25-110g/m2, max web width:3200mm(can supply various width according to the requirement of the client) .
Hospital use:Surgical gowns, Surgical cap, medical sheet, pillowcase and tablecloth, Medical gauze.
Household use:Wipe, , Wet wipe, compressed towel.
Industry use:working clothes for laboratorian, PVC leather substrate.