Sell Srew Flight

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Manufactured by our special technology, our endless cold-rolled spirals have the following features compared to traditional spirals:

1 Good smooth finish, uniform shape and high precision. It's
conducive to material conveying, reduce the product damage, and to
increase the transporting efficiency.

2 Easy to installation, improve the work efficiency and reduce the
production cos.

3 Under the physical and chemical surface treatment, the spirals
enhance the anti-rust property and improve the appearance of screw

4 After cold rolling, the spirals will be hardened, which will enhance greatly the rigidity and the wear-resistance, say by one time. The HB value is 240.

Aside from endless cold-rolled spirals, we also produce new designed UHMW-PE spirals, which has the features of high intensity, ultra wear-resistance, anti-corrosion, it increases the durability of conveyor trough. Our plastic spirals accord with national food safety standard, especially applicable for those easy broken or corrosive materials.