Sell Stainless Steel Anchor with Double Dilated Configuration

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This product overcomes the commons anchors influence, which comes from the level effect, and it is the key function of this new invention. This new anchor has the optimal effect to fight back the tremor and over loading. It increases the expansibility and resistance of bore, and decreases the pressure and damage to the structue. All of above advantages bring you the best safety sense and exert designer's idea richly, which turn over a new page of anchor's development history.

Product Characteristic:
1. It has the newest double dilated configuration, and can fight back over loading safely when it is used in concrete.
2. The effect of double dilated configuration is excellence and sage, and also can fight back impact.
3. The material of this product can endure fret, humidity, and rust and even destroyed exhaust gas.
4. It can improve work efficiency, ensure the security of builders and facilities, and also decrease cost.
5. The anchor pillar can be removed if it is needed.