Sell Stainless Steel Corrugated Tubes

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1) Stainless steel corrugated tubes and metallic hoses:
a) Very flexible
b) Corrosion-resistant
c) High- and low-temperature resistant
d) Effectively absorb noise and vibration
e) Long service life
f) Absolute necessary flexible connection elements in modern pipeline system
2) Flexible corrugated tube:
a) Necessary for various car exhaust system
b) Fixed in the exhaust tube between engine's exhaust manifold and silencer
c) Renders the entire exhaust system a flexible connection
d) Effectively absorbs noise and vibration
e) Facilitates installation
f) Prolongs service life of the exhaust silencing system
3) Widely used in many fields such as gas, air conditioning, car, fire protection,
urban water supply, building, metallurgy and petrochemical industries

Main types of corrugated tube flexible joint:
1) The dual-layer corrugated tubes used in light vehicles and mini-vehicles
a) External wrapped steel wire sleeve
b) Straight sections at both sides and external clip
2) The dual-layer corrugated tubes used in heavy vehicles and omnibuses:
connected with flanges at both ends (a fixed flange at one end and a sleeve
flange at another end)